Helldivers 2

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New article and new gaming review with the test of the new Helldivers 2 phenomenon. Before going any further, as always, I would like to send a big thank you to the PlayStation France teams who were kind enough to send me the software for free.

Helldivers 2 is a shooting game in which you will have to fight against an insect invasion in order to preserve the democracy of Super Earth. The game is developed by Harrowhead and published by Sony Interactive. The software has been available since February 8 on PlayStation 5.

Save Super Earth

First of all, I would like to point out that I did not play the first opus. On the other hand, I followed the arrival of this new vintage with impatience after seeing a first trailer. How not to mention Paul Verhoeven’s film released in 1998: Starship Troopers. If the game is not a “tribute” it is clearly inspired by it!

It was therefore with a furious desire to destroy the insect that I began the adventure. And we can say that you are put in the mood from the first minutes. Your character is parachuted into a training area in which death is very real. This all-dangers tutorial is here to make sure you are made to become a Helldiver.

First mission

After a quick but effective training it is high time for me to go on a mission. For this I am accompanied by three brothers in arms who, like me, are ready to give their lives to save our way of life.

Your equipment, its customization and your arsenal evolve at the same time as your level. Without forgetting the different recourses at your disposal such as precise tactical strike, ammunition resupply or even the heavy machine gun. All are accessible and sent to you from the mothership. You will then have to wait a few minutes before you can use them again. It’s up to you to choose when to use them. Because if Helldivers 2 is above all a shooting game, it nonetheless remains somewhat strategic.

After each mission you return to the mothership in order to best prepare for the next one.

A rather beautiful universe

In terms of graphics, Helldivers 2 is still very successful. Different planets are to be discovered, swamps, snowy lands and many more await you.

A saturated planet

If the game is close to perfect, its servers are not. In fact, it was impossible for me to join a game many times due to saturated servers. The software is a victim of its success. Obviously this situation can seem annoying, not to say annoying, but I think that above all we must rejoice in the success of a game. Helldivers 2 broke a record by bringing together more than 400 thousand simultaneous connections.


This game is a banger! You have to play Helldivers 2 ! It’s enjoyable ! Defending Super Earth in the company of brothers in arms ready to die in combat to save democracy and our way of life against the invader is simply awesome! Personally I love this game (level 14 at the time of writing these lines) it is for me the pleasant surprise of the beginning of the year and I invite all fans of Paul Verhoeven’s film to play Helldivers 2 but also all those who do not know him.

That’s all for today but we’ll see you soon for a new gaming test. Until then, don’t forget that the most important thing remains to be discovered, have fun and share it.

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